4 Slice Toaster, Quick & Eco Friendly

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The smell of toasted bread in the morning is something everyone loves. Along with home made coffee and baking bread these smells are used in shops to entice us to buy more food. When selling a house I have heard it suggested you use the same smells to make people feel more at home. The toaster is a common kitchen appliance in our kitchen today and essential for all student chef’s. Be it beans on toast or just a morning crumpet the toaster can soon help cure those morning cravings for food or if you have a hangover. Just enough time to make a cup of tea or coffee to go with your toast there is nothing worst than seeing your room mate or partner tuck into a  golden brown piece of toast dripping with smooth butter. That is why  a 4 slice toaster is the new essential kitchen gadget. How many times have you gone to make a quick lunch of beans on toast to find out you are the one that gets the two pieces of cold toast because you are waiting for the other two pieces to be done.

Not only that but you will be being ecologically friendly because a 4 slice toaster is more efficient than a two slice toaster. Some people would suggest cooking it under an oven grill or using a toaster oven, but not only would that take longer having to wait for the oven grill to warm up, but would also cost more money.  Even a  4 slice toaster oven would be less effecient as the bread is normally further away from the element than a standard 4 slice toaster. There are energy efficient toasters which cover the slots at the top to keep the heat in. This can save a little energy but has the disadvantage that you cannot see your bread toasting. Personally I believe a 4 slice toaster is more efficient than a two slice toaster not only in the amount of time it takes but also in the energy it uses. The only caveat to that is ensure your 4 slice toaster has the ability to turn off the slots you are not using. The other  tip for being both ecologically friendly and cost efficient is to ensure you switch your toaster off when not being used. Many of today’s toasters have L.E.D lights which can consume electricity by just being plugged in.

We all love toast and its a great snack that although not totally healthy most people never get tired of. So why not treat yourself to a 4 slice toaster you will never regret it.

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