Why Choose A Magimix Food Processor?

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The Magimix food processor is the original food processor first designed by a French catering company salesman Pierre Verdan. He noticed how long it took his clients to prepare the food, particularly chopping, shredding and mixing. He designed a simple bowl with a manually rotating knife. This then developed into a powered consumer model which was introduced to the UK in 1974. This Magimix R1 was the original pioneer of the food processor and originated from Burgundy France. The Magimix can replace the need for chopping, slicing, mixing and even replace the need for seperate meat grinders.

How To Use A Magimix

The current version of the Magimix has not changed that much since this first model. Simplicity is the key to the operation of the Magimix food processor. It is operated by three buttons and the commercial strength induction motor automatically adjusts varying the power depending on the task.

The Looks

Now days we expect our kitchen appliances to fit in and suit our kitchens and the Magimix Food Processor is designed not only for ease of use but also available in several finishes including white, chrome, satin, cream red and black.

Guaranteed To Last

The Magimix food processor has a great pedigree and is recommended by celebrity chefs, food writers and cookery schools because of it’s reliability, quietness and robustness. All Magimix Food Processors are equipped with a powerful ultra quiet induction motor that comes with a 12 year guarantee. All other parts and accessories include a 3 year guarantee. The bowl’s are made of shatterproof Lexan plastic which is the same material as aircraft windows and riot shields.


The design of the Magimix is what set’s it apart from other food processors. The simple operation that requires no need to select speed gives you controlled power all the time. New functions like the Blendermix used with the main blade to change the direction of the liquid from a centrifugal motion to vortex. Thus produces an ultra smooth blend that allows you to create smoothies, soups, pancake batter and much more.

Selecting a Model

Now you need to select which Magimix Food Processor is the best for you. They have a range of ten machines from the mini food processor “Le Mini Plus” to the top of the range 5200XL. When selecting your the machine that is right for you must take into account your budget, table top space available, the amount you wish to process and the functions/accessories available. When comparing the Magimix with other make food processors like the Cuisinart food processor or the KitchenAid food processor don’t forget the simplicity and guarantee you get with the Magimix food processor.

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