Does a food chopper cut it?

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With our busy life styles we are always looking at ways to save time and effort in all parts of our life. We all know the benefits of freshly cooked food over processed ready meals. However cooking today can become a chore as preparing food can sometimes take as long to cook it than sometimes eat it. When you actually think about your every day life we are often cooking and tidying up longer than actually enjoying the food. Cooking doesn’t need to be a chore and with modern kitchen equipment what once took minutes can now take seconds. That’s why every kitchen should have a food chopper to give you the maximum amount of time to enjoy cooking and eating.

There are many food choppers on the market and some endorsed by celebrity tv chef ‘s like Delia Smith in her book “How to Cheat at Cooking”. They see the advantage such a gadget can make to our every day life and something that will help cooking be a pleasure. This will all help to ensure we cook with fresh ingredients more and therefore have a healthier life style.

Choosing A Food Chopper

You have a choice between two main types of food chopper. There is a manual food chopper(sometimes known as a vegetable slicer) or an electric powered food chopper. The most popular being the electric powered food chopper. The prices of these electric powered mini food choppers have reduced considerably making them within the budget of most people although if your budget can extend to a Magimix food processor you will get a more vesatile appliance that you can use for a lot more than just food chopping.  These normally consist of a base that holds the power unit and drive shaft. A plastic bowl fits over the drive shaft and the stainless steel blade fits onto the drive shaft. Finally a lid normally will clip on top of the bowl similar to most kitchen canisters. The chopper is normally operated by a push button that can give different speeds with some units having a pulse function. Popular makes for food choppers are Kenwood, Black & Decker, KitchenAid, Proctor Silex and the Pampered Chef Food Chopper.

It is quite common for new parents to buy a food chopper to help prepare food for there children as they starting weaning them on to solid foods. However most then see the benefits of such a device and end up using it for their every day cooking.

How To Look After Your Food Chopper

When selecting a food chopper ensure the device is easy to clean, some food choppers can be put in the dishwasher although you will probably protect it better if you wash it by hand. One tip to remember is never use spices like cloves, dill or cumin as these can damage the plastic. If the plastic ever gets discoloured by the food it is chopping then try wiping with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil.

You should always take care when disassembling your device as the blade is very sharp. Always ensure the machine is switched off and unplugged from the power and that the power cord is kept dry. Although most machines come with a one year warranty if you look after your machine correctly then you should get many years of happy food chopping.

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