Selecting The Perfect Plate Rack

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The humble plate rack maybe becoming a kitchen container of the past, particularly since then invention of the dishwasher.  However how many of us still yearn for a good plate rack / dish drainer when you just need to tidy those few dirty plates away and can’t bring yourself to put the dishwasher on for those two plates and couple of mugs.

Safe Storage is Everything

Not only are they a useful draining board accompaniment but I believe an essential where it comes to storing those kitchen plates safely. How many of us have huge tall stacks of plates in our kitchen cupboards. Normally the largest and heaviest plates at the bottom and reducing in diameter as the pile mounts up. These plate stacks at times can make the Leaning Tower of Pisa look perpendicular and safe. I am sure we have all had the occasion when either trying to slip a large plate at the bottom of the pile or removing that medium size plate half way down the pile of plates has wobbled and even snapped back in protest by trapping your thumb. This can leave you in no doubt that the perfect plate rack would have saved your agony.

Vertical or Horizontal

There are two main choices when selecting a plate. Either vertical or horizontal and both probably depend on the number of plates you wish to store in your kitchen and the space available. Vertical plate racks can aesthetically look the best and are often built into the kitchen design or wall mounted. Using such a wall mounted plate rack is a great way to save worktop space. Although probably not the most space efficient theses can be the easiest to use as no stacking is necessary. Horizontal plate racks are normally angled for easy access and some designed specifically for certain diameter plates and can fit neatly into a corner.

Your Material Choices

When selecting your plate rack the choices of material are various but some of the common used material are wood, metal or plastic. However which ever rack you choose it can only add to your kitchen storage.

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